LAFF Society


Celebrating the Holidays


The holiday season has always been a special occasion at the Ford Foundation, and the LAFF Society added to the tradition December 11, 2017 with a party in the Foundation’s temporary offices in mid-Manhattan, home while the headquarters building is being renovated.
Of course, there were carolers: Leila Hessini on the left, with her back to the camera, and, moving to the right, Rebecca Nichols, Margaret Hempel, Ellen Brown, Marilyn Reichstein, Lisa Mensah, Dayna Bealy, Anna Wadia, Michele Kahane, Betsy Campbell and, the current Ford staff member, who led the singers, Jeff Leatherwood.   
Nellie Toma, LAFF’s secretary-treasurer, and Sonali Mukerjee on the right. And that’s Butch Montes in the background.
Gathered around the tree, small perhaps but festive, are, from left, Carolee Iltis, Bruce Stuckey, Sheila Gordon and Terry Smith.
Jennifer Powell, on the left, Sonali Mukerjee and Mary Lampson Gutierrez.
From the left, Inca Mohamed, Michael Seltzer, Natalia Kanem, Betsy Campbell and Ellen Brown.



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