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What's public and what is restricted to members

Most of the site's content is accessible to everyone on the world wide web. However, some pages and features will only be visible to members after logging in.

When trying to access restricted content, the log in page will automatically appear first. Your password and e-mail address are the same as for the old web site. If necessary, click the Forget password? link to get an e-mail with your password.

To change your email address or password, click your email address on this page.

How to post listings and comments

The main purpose of this site is to promote member interaction. So for each of the Newsletter or Clippings articles, logged-in members can post comments to articles or clippings in a Comment box under the article.

The Member Forums section on the right column is similarly restricted to members, so, it is necessary to log in to access and comment on the content. Currently there are four forums: Affinity Groups, Events, Volunteers, and Classifieds. Forums are organized in a hierarchical format with threads under topics under forums. For example, �Affinity Groups� is a forum. Under it are topics like �SRH Conversations� and �Development Issues.� Under SRH Conversations there could be many threads discussing particular issues relating to SRH (sexual & reproductive health). Members may add new topics and threads, and comment on others' posts at will; however posts may be removed at the editor's discretion. Click the blue links (like Next Level, View Entire Thread, or Add Comment) to navigate the forums.

Members can add an image to accompany their forum posts and to appear on their Directory page. Click the Update My Profile link under the Directory menu option. Then look for the link Click to add/update photo. Photos must be JPG files, and should be small and as square as possible. For help, send your photo to .

Going back to the Update My Profile page, members can add or change their contact information for the Directory. Members can also add a personal web site if they would like it displayed on the Member Links page. (Make sure to add a Title and a URL for the web site.)

To post a listing about Consulting services or needs, please go to Update My Profile and click the [Update Record] button near the bottom of the page. On the next page of your records, click Consulting Listings [Add] and enter your data. Then be sure to click the [Save] button. After some listings are input, they will be displayed in a new Consulting section on the web site. This section will be visible to anyone on the Internet, so be aware of that when entering contact information.

How to propose and submit content for the web site

The Clippings section is intended to give members a central web location to display articles that do not appear in our newsletter. These articles are either written by or about members, about the Ford Foundation, or on topics of general interest to our membership. We need your help in submitting articles for the Clippings section. If the article already appears on the Internet, simply send us the link (URL address). If the article is not on the web, but in a digital format, please send us the file. Please send files or links to�.

How to use the Menu

On nearly every page of the site, the menu is on the left side. Here are some very brief notes on other pages accessible from the menu. Please make use of the Directory to search for friends, and use the Upcoming Events option to check on LAFF meetings. The Newsletter and Clippings pages will display older items that might not fit on the Home page. To search for specific authors, topics or members, use the Advanced Search page. The Contacts page includes e-mail addresses for our Local Chapters along with our mailing address. The Staff page has contact information for our Officers, and Staff. The Pay Dues page allows members to pay LAFF dues online.