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Nellie Toma, secretary-treasurer of LAFF and assistant editor of the newsletter, has written this as the first of an occasional column.
I’m writing to tell you about a wonderful outing I had recently. I visited the Rockefeller Archives Center, where the Ford Foundation archives are housed. I was there to donate the early records of The LAFF Society, which now will be archived permanently and accessible to all members.
They are most gracious hosts. I was given a tour of the beautiful building and the archives, which are buried deep in the bedrock under the building in Sleepy Hollow in New York’s Westchester County. Very impressive. I saw many names on the boxes that I recognized from my years at the Foundation. 
The Rockefeller Archives Center is a repository of historical materials and a research center dedicated to the study of philanthropy and the many domains touched by American foundations, individual donors and the civil society organizations they support. If you’d like to read more about the RAC and see photographs, please go to 
They asked me to extend an invitation to the members of LAFF to visit the records or do research there. They would be more than happy to work with you.
Most of the past issues of the LAFF newsletter were donated to the RAC and will be archived there. However, two issues are missing. If any of you happen to have these issues and are willing to donate them, please contact me at
They are issues number 21 (Summer 1999) and 27 (Summer 2001). It would be most appreciated. 
Will Hertz was kind enough to forward one of these two to me but I have no way of knowing which one it is because there’s no number on it. It’s the one that has a column on the right hand side of the front page titled “No More Evaluations”. 
It would be great if we could get the one missing issue to complete the collection.



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