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Recollections Project Ready for Recordings


After months of planning, the LAFF Society has created an informal oral history project, the Recollections Project, a gathering of individual reminiscences designed to “contribute to the institutional memory of the Ford Foundation and to help us get to know each other better”.
Each submission to the collection will be part of a broad effort to link the experiences and reminiscences of LAFF’s members to the Foundation’s history and, as such, will be stored at the Rockefeller Archive Center. 
The project is a collaboration with Memria, a company founded by LAFF member Louis Bickford as a story-telling platform for use by corporations, educational institutions and non-governmental organizations. 
Nine LAFFers already have made recordings and the process, easily accessed from the website, is ready to receive more.
It’s a simple process, using buttons on LAFF’s website that take the member to the Memria site. 
At the upper right corner of LAFF’s website is a button for “Recollections Project”, where there are two options: “Record Your Story Here” to make a recording and “Listen to Stories Here” to hear what others have said. 
The first step when clicking on the “Record” button is to set up an account, the second is to make the recording and, if the user chooses, upload photos. Clear instructions are provided throughout the process. Assistance also is available by emailing 
The recording takes only about 10 minutes, with story-telling “prompts” to get the process started. For example, the member is asked to provide basic information, including name and when and where he or she worked at the Foundation; a memory about working there; comments about an influential person, and any other reflection or experience that can be shared.
Susan Huyser, LAFF’s graphic designer, and Peter Ford, its web manager, worked for several months to make the project operational, working closely with Bickford and Karen Schlesinger, Memria’s Head of Product.



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