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Coming Events In New York City


LAFF’s New York chapter has scheduled two events later this year, including the annual holiday party in December. Both will be held at the Ford Foundation Center for Social Justice and include refreshments.
The first, scheduled for Wednesday, September 18, is titled “The Foundation’s Program Assistants: Where Are They Today?” and will feature a panel discussion. It will be from 6 to 7:30 in the evening in the Susan V. Berresford Room. 
The holiday party will be on Wednesday, December 11, from 5 to 7, also in the Berresford room.
Something new will be added at the program event this year, initiating what LAFF intends as a regular feature in its efforts to reach out to members to record their experiences and reminiscences in a process linking them to the Foundation’s history.

Louis Bickford recording a “recollection”,
as he will be doing for members attending
the fall event of LAFF’s New York chapter.

Louis Bickford, who worked in the Foundation’s Democracy Rights and Justice program from 2012 to 2017, will be asking members who attend the event to record “a favorite Ford recollection”. 
He will make brief audio recordings, usually fewer than five minutes, that, along with photos, will be posted on LAFF’s website. He’ll be available in a separate room to record the recollections of members.
Bickford has created a company called Memria that works with corporations, educational institutions, political organizations and non-governmental organizations to enable them to “hear the voices of people they might not otherwise be able to hear”. 
Those clients, states the company, “need to reflect the voices and experiences of their communities in order to achieve societal change”.



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