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Nellie Toma, LAFF’s secretary-treasurer, has completed the arduous task of indexing every newsletter since the Society’s inception in 1991. As she explains in this letter to all members:

I did it! 
After six months, I finally finished indexing all 92 issues of the LAFF newsletter and all are now available at You can access the index at Type the first few letters of the name you’re looking for, or scroll down until you reach it. I will be adding to the index with the publication of each new issue.
It was a daunting task (4,300 entries), but I enjoyed doing it because, as I scanned the issues for names, I got to read many interesting articles, one of which appears on page 5 of this issue. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons it took me six months to accomplish the task. I learned so much about the early years of the Foundation and the amazing men and women who brought it forward to where it is today. There were interesting articles, some of which were personal and entertaining. If you have the time, I think you’ll enjoy reading some of them.
As much as I would like to think of myself as perfect, I’m sure there are some errors (spelling, omissions, etc.). I would be most grateful if you would bring any errors to my attention because I would like the index to be as complete and accurate as possible.
I hope you find the index useful. You can look up your own names and read about yourselves.



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