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The Newsletter Is Being Indexed


An index of the LAFF newsletter is being developed, using the names of members that have appeared in each story of each issue.
A partial index has already been placed on The LAFF Society website and will be added to over the next few months until all issues, dating from the first in 1991, have been indexed. Each new issue will be included when it is published.
The index has been placed on the website ( on the left side of the page as the last item under “Newsletter”. Clicking on it brings up the index page with a box marked “select”. The names are listed alphabetically. Clicking on a name brings up the issues in which that person is mentioned, with the appropriate page numbers. 
A few months ago Nellie Toma, LAFF’s secretary-treasurer and assistant editor of the LAFF newsletter, had the idea to create an index for all the issues. The arduous task of finding the issues, compiling names from each one and then preparing them in a digital format is being done by Nellie. The number of entries is in the thousands.
Because of the immensity of the undertaking, there could be some errors or omissions. We want the index to be as accurate as possible, so please let Nellie know at of any discrepancies. Also, let Nellie know if any name is listed incorrectly.  
The searchable online index has been implemented by Peter Ford, who oversees development, management and support for LAFF’s website, with help from Susan Huyser, graphic designer of the newsletter and website.



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